EXCEL SHOWER is born out of a need in today’s society, to improve the quality of life of all people and revolutionizing the bathroom sector. Excel shower is a company that assembles all its products in Spain with the highest quality control standards

The company focuses on seeking the best accessibility to the shower for the elderly or those with reduced mobility or with disabilities. It is also intended to help work centers such as hospitals, nursing homes to facilitate the tasks of others.

This idea starts in 2017 until reaching the best solution focusing on design, quality and accessibility, during this period until now several awards and recognitions have been received worldwide for the “ALFA DE ORO” Spain or “HOME CARE AWARD England and other relevant awards.

The Hcs Excel shower cabin includes two models, one 95 cm and the other 155 cm, which are patented worldwide and entail total innovation, a revolution for the bathroom and shower sector.

At the same time, concern for the care of the environment and the preservation of the environment have been a constant priority for the Excel shower Group since its foundation, to respect processes and packaging, anticipating this new dynamic that Excel shower has been improving its production system and assembly, to minimize its impact on the environment.